What is a runde anyway?

Today I accomplished one of my key training goals and circumnavigated the PV Drive loop, also called the PV Runde which is German I think for round. Regardless it’s a challenging ride and cherished by the ultralight riding spandex wearing cyclists from near and far. Me? I wear shorts and t-shirts, with my chamois under my shorts.

Starting from Lunada Bay I pedaled past the Ocean Trails golf course (now sadly called Tr—p National) on PV Drive West and then turned left to begin the long climb that is PV Drive East.

I gotta say I have been intimidated by this ride for some time. To get to the entrance of PV Drive East there is a long climb that is tiring in itself. When I took off this morning at 5:30 am it seemed the conditions were perfect. My Garmin Edge 130 showed mild breezes. As the turn to PV Drive East approached I felt good and made the left turn.

Note: my bike is not an ultra light road bike. It’s a hybrid – part MTB, part road. It weighs 39 pounds and I add another 195 (gotta work on that) so pedaling up a 6% grade requires some effort. And as I’m struggling to mange the grade I see a sign asking slow bikes to stay right. I’m the solitary rider at this moment. No one anywhere and very few cars. I stop and snap a picture to post on social media.

I crest the top at Marymount California University and the ride becomes mostly downhill from there. I’m elated at making the top and then I realize it wasn’t that bad. However, for long distance bike touring I will need to do the ride with full gear. Ugh.

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Adventure cyclist. No spandex, carbon fiber or cleats. My ride is a 2009 Surly Long Haul Trucker, made of steel, built to last.

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